Benjamin Di'Costa - Positive Impact with a Negative Status.

November 20, 2016

This afternoon Robert and Aaron will be speaking with Benjamin Di'Costa on the POZ I AM Radio show. 


After watching his partner become diagnosed with HIV and after noticing an absence of HIV negative young people (specifically gay & young people of color) advocating about social issues Benjamin Di'Costa decided to dedicate his life to being involved in the LGBTQ community on issues surrounding social justice and health education.


Benjamin currently promotes HIV testing/education, PrEP, and Transgender health equality. He also spends his time advocating for expanded services for HIV prevention & treatment with other community members.

 Benjamin recognizes the need to educate his peers, rather than ignoring the widespread problem of inequality and stigma surround HIV/AIDS.


He has a proven natural ability to help others, and dedicated himself to working for social change. He believes that one person can make a difference and he continues to make a difference in his community, encouraging young people to stand up for their right for sexual health information.



As a young advocate and leader, Benjamin has demonstrated great passion, professionalism, and commitment to many organizations and causes that support the young movement in HIV/AIDS. Benjamin has organized several campus and community events to educate peers about sexual and reproductive health and right issues, such as HIV/AIDS, sexual violence sexuality, and health relationships. In an effort to educate and empower his peers, Benjamin has written articles and blogged about health equity and the impact of health disparities among young people. Lastly, he has presented at conference and youth forums hosted by many prestigious national and international organizations.



Tune in today at 2pm EST

Benjamin Di'Costa - Positive Impact with a Negative Status. 

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