Wanda Brendle-Moss - HIV+ Grandmother

December 3, 2016

This Sunday December 4th at 2pm EST, POZ I AM Radio will be speaking with Wanda Brendle-Moss an HIV+ Grandmother from North Carolina. 


Wanda Brendle-Moss was diagnosed with HIV in July 2002 at the end of a relationship that had turned deadly violent. A relationship in which the man had failed to tell her that he had previously been involved with an HIV+ girl. Wanda has always been open about her Positivity...except in the early years because of a part time employer(after her 20 years as an RN) threatened to fire her if she discussed her HIV status in any way.


Wanda has had 2 long term relationships with non HIV+ men since her diagnosis. The last one, began in 2004...and by 2007 began showing signs of strain...even so, Wanda tried to hold on to the relationship.  But she became increasingly depressed...resulting in her stopping her medications. As a result, Wanda was hospitalized in 2008 with Trigeminal Shingles.  She was then diagnosed with AIDS. Wanda resumed all her HIV care, resumed her medications and her Viral Load quickly returned to undetectable yet to this day her CD4 count has not gone above 225. 


Wanda has been featured in magazines ,blogs and websites all over the world. She now will sit down with POZ I AM Radio and tell all. You wont want to miss this episode. 


Listen to Wanda's interview - click here 


Don't forget to tune in 2pm EST every Sunday. 


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