James Breinig - Tearing Down the Walls

December 17, 2016

This Sunday December 18th at 2pm EST, join Robert Breining and Aaron  Laxton as they speak with James Breinig.


Join them as they bring a close to the 2016 season of POZ I AM Radio. The phone lines will be open all hour at (929) 477-3572 


James Breinig has been living with HIV for six years. His diagnosis certainly wasn't easy in the beginning, but with the help of supportive friends and family he was able to turn a diagnosis usually marked as something dark and scary into something - for a lack of a better word - positive.


For the last three years he has done outreach on numerous gay dating apps where he provided information to hundreds of gay men about HIV or where to get tested. Recently, he accepted a position with the Northeast/Caribbean AETC where he assists in building clinician capacity and expertise along the HIV care continuum. 

Tearing down the walls of stigma surrounding HIV has become his passion and he couldn't imagine doing anything else


Listen to the interview - here

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