Claes Lilja - Brotherhood Retreats

March 3, 2017


 This Sunday March 5th at 2pm EST Robert and Aaron will be speaking with Claes Lilja. - listen here.  Claes is the creator of Brotherhood Retreats, a program which has deeply impacted many lives through its multi-pronged, life-changing inner work process. Brotherhood Retreats is a 3-day retreat is an international gathering of gay and bisexual men who seek to enrich their lives through deeper insights, awareness and connections to both the community and oneself. We will be learning about physiological, psychological and spiritual tools to help create healthier and more fulfilling lives while forging bonds and friendships with other men from different parts of the world.


The program will include informational and instructional sessions as well as exercises and participation by all the attendees with attention given to the full body-mind-spirit connection. We will also have plenty of time for social activities and relaxation. There are a variety of different techniques used at the retreat including meditation, transformational breath work, healing touch and much, much more.


The retreat was originally created to help support those who are living with HIV, but over the years it has evolved to a spiritual retreat that is open to all men who are attracted to other men. As modern medicine is making serious advances, the gay community is finally beginning to heal the split between HIV-positive and negative men. We are thrilled be a part of that healing in whatever way we can support it. We all need each other to be strong, healthy and happy.


About Claes:

Claes Lilja holds a degree in psychology from Linnaeus University in Sweden and is a certified Integral Coach through New Ventures West. He has more than 20 years experience of working in human growth and development, having started out working with Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson at the Enneagram Institute during the most innovative time there, helping develop the RHETI and some of the most significant Enneagram books published to date.


Claes has also been featured as an Enneagram expert on many TV shows, including In Depth with Chris Matthews (CNBC), Starting Over on NBC, and FOX News among others. His extensive academic background also includes studying International Business at the University of Lund, Business at E.S.C.P., France, and Art & Photography at Santa Monica College.


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