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July 1, 2017

This Sunday July 2nd at 2pm EST, we will be speaking with Connie Rose. Connie has been living with HIV since 1996, resides in Las Vegas with her daughter, grandson and best fur buddy, Sugar Bear. She is the founder of Livingapozlife on WordPress, trying to change the world one blog at a time. 


Here is a little about Connie in her own words.

I was raised in rural North East Indiana and lived there before and after acquired HIV from my husband in 1996.  I was 19 when he and I met and I diagnosed positive two years later at 21. I didn't ask for any HIV test before having sex with him and if he knew he did not disclose.  I am not blaming myself and I am not blaming him. I am blaming us both for being afraid to learn how to take care of our sexual health because we were to ashamed to talk about sex and or our bodies in general back then and in that generation sex was still pretty taboo to talk about.  


He went to prison for fraud and I found out he was HIV poz because my niece was visiting his family for an overnight visit and she overheard my husbands mom telling her husband that she got a letter telling her about his positive HIV diagnosis and that she was not going to tell me.  Thankfully my niece called me the next day and told me.  I went for the test and then after my positive diagnosis they tested my baby daughter and thankfully she was negative.  That was really lucky because I did not know I had HIV when I delivered her and I breastfed her too.  It's a miracle she is negative.


We moved away from Indiana five years ago in 2012 because I suffered carbon monoxide poisoning in Indiana in 2009 and I was so sick from the damage from the poisoning my Dr told me I had 18 months to live if I did not move to the desert and live in dry air that I would eventually just drown in the fluid in my lungs because I still to this day can't get fluid out of my lungs on my own I have to stay in the desert air I know that because I just went home to Indiana when my dad died last September 2016 and got so sick I was sick for almost five months after coming back to the desert in January 2017. 


Currently, I am certified by Stanford University to co-facilitate Healthy Living with a Chronic Illness workshops, I have attended two HIV conferences here in Las Vegas, I am presenting at the HIV Summit this year here in Las Vegas, I am an HIV peer navigator, I recently began volunteering at the LGBT Center here in Las Vegas and we are one of only 172 Centers in the whole USA there are many states that do not even have a center yet.  They really help bring the whole community together.  I used to own the website but found it was just not worth the money when I can blog for free here:

Tune in live or listen to the archive - click here 

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