Hank Trout - For the Long Run

July 14, 2017

This Sunday July 16th  at 2pm EST I will have the pleasure of speaking with Long-Term Survivor and the Editor at Large of A&U:America's AIDS Magazine, Hank Trout. I am very excited to speak with him about his longevity with the disease and his amazing writing.

Hank Trout is a 64-year-old Gay man, a 37-year resident of San Francisco, a 28-year Long-Term HIV/AIDS Survivor (diagnosed in 1989), a writer and occasional editor. In the early 1980s, He wrote a lot of fiction and edited Drummer, Malebox, and Folsom Magazines. Then AIDS hit, and suddenly the act of writing fiction seemed frivolous, almost disrespectful, and so Hank stopped writing. For more than thirty years, He stopped writing -- the things that He knew He needed to write about were simply too painful even to contemplate, let alone write about. Then, finally, in 2015 his fiance Rick convinced him, that it was time to push through that pain and get back to writing. His "second act" began with the publication of his poem "Tornado" in A&U: America's AIDS Magazine, where he has published since January 2016 and have recently been named an Editor-at-Large. His bi-monthly column in A&U, "For the Long Run," addresses issues we Long-Term HIV/AIDS Survivors face.


To listen to the interview - click here 




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